Take Me Out to the Ball Game

(Meme courtesy memecenter.com)

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The Guardians are gonna kill somebody with this drink concoction

The MLB has approved the use of PitchCom to hopefully prevent signal stealing and speed up the games. Average 9-inning game topped 3hr10min7sec. The Tigers aren’t going to use it..

The MLB will also start making in-park announcements explaining umpire decisions during the review process, the NHL/NBA/NFL have adopted this years ago…

Albert Pujols is divorcing his wife of 22 years & announced it mere days after she had brain tumor removal surgery. Talk about timing…

MLB parks will be offering “Cracker Jill” for a $5 donation that will benefit the Women’s Sports Foundation. They have even rewritten the decades-old jingle sung during the seventh-inning stretch…

Tiger Woods is playing the Masters for the chance at another green jacket, but all people can talk about is his shoes…

A bump from a stranger can mean you’re being robbed or that you’ve won $10 million

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