No Escape

(Meme courtesy of Anonymous)

No Escape

Jazz has gained some significant weight due to mental health issues; she claims it isn’t from her gender reassignment choice or the 3 genital reconstruction surgeries.

Here’s a “controversial” etiquette guide to getting the check

A meme on TikTok, “split the bill

One of Ray Liotta’s best roles was playing twins in the recent film, “The Many Saints of Newark

Had no idea this movie was 7 years old

Jackass’ new member Poopies has kind of a sad backstory…

Still rough to watch all these years later when Joe Theismann gets his leg snapped by LT

Shoresy is by far the best series on Hulu right now, a pisser it is only 6 episodes. The scene meeting “the Jims” is hilarious…

Interesting “No Escape” takes place in 2022

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