Nostalgia Depot

(Meme found on 9GaG)

Nostalgia Depot

Clerks III trailer has both nostalgia & intrigue but PLEASE RELEASE IT TO THEATERS AND NOT JUST ON A TOUR!!!!

Here’s what you will probably see on the movie tour, the movie and then an hour of Q&A…

Alamo Drafthouse has the most-awesome PSAs. Jackass Forever, Kevin Bacon, even Samuel L. Jackson

The bible talks about longing for the “good old days”… Ecclesiastes 7:10 – Don’t long for “the good old days.” This is not wise.

Back in the day, Pepto was kind of a treat

“The Last Unicorn” was a Rankin & Bass (of the 1960’s Christmas claymation classics) full-length cartoon based on a children’s book. Here’s an opinion as far as the movie versus the book…

“#LiveFromTheUpsideDown” concert from Doritos & Stranger Things will be available on YouTube through 07/31/2022, Corey Hart RULED the concert…

Tim Capello can still rock the sax & chains

Certainly need some more collabs line Iggy Pop & Sum 41, Gretchen Wilson & Alice in Chains…

WhaaZaa! Definitely a song that can be filed away forever

Here’s what Dustin ACTUALLY heard when Eddie started to play…

Rose the Hat in “Dr. Sleep” played by Rebecca Ferguson and is fairly attractive

That 90’s Show is a continuation of That’s 70’s show with Eric & Donna’s daughter spending the summer with her grandparents in Point Place, Wisconsin circa 1995. Almost the entire original cast will be coming back including Leo!

That’s 80’s Show tried to create a “spin-off” from the successful That 70’s Show with totally different characters and a new location (San Diego, California). It lasted only 13 episodes…

Alligator is a classic monster B-movie that is almost a direct rip-off of Jaws but taking place in New York City & with an alligator and not a shark. It even had an “Alex Kitner” death scene involving a residential swimming pool

Notice to Hollywood – If you are going to use characters from an established franchise, DON’T CHANGE THEIR ORIGIN STORY!

Josh Lucas plays a good “bad guy”… Lane Smith was similar back in the 80’s

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