(Photo Courtesy eBay Listing #373562084248)


We remember Wacky Packages and had owned a few of the 1985 series. A funny concept that had been reintroduced at least 6 times with new products…

I f*cking hated this card and was teased by other kids that had gotten it…

The GPK craze was insane enough that a movie starring Mackenzie Astin (Sean Astin’s brother) came out and was picketed by parents for its grossness…

These cards were on clearance at a local Big Lots in 1992 for I believe $5 a box, bought several to see if I could complete the set (I didn’t). They tried making war a collectible trading card…

MattyV has a small collection of Stranger Things items that I like, I don’t expect to keep them for years and sell them for a fortune like that episode of Amazing Stories. Here’s an article about some worthless collectibles…

Disney is reissuing the very first Star Wars figures in retro packaging for us Gen-Xers to gobble up and hoard…

He also collects odd sodas that get released, including 2 bottles of Crystal Pepsi from the 2017 reissue. Here’s an employee training video from 1992 when it was originally released….

“Bankrupted by Beanies” is short documentary about a man who collected them in order to get rich but when the bubble burst, he was left with stuffed animals worth basically nothing….

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