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“The Diceman” is an equal-opportunity offender from our teen years…

NYC & DC mayors are getting NIMBY (“not in my backyard”) about “border crossers” flooding their homeless shelters & other services. It’s okay for small border towns with much less resources to handle them, but don’t send them to bigger cities with more capacity & resources…

One in Four kids live in a “food insecure” home. Locally, our school system offers free lunches to kids during the summer months & other charities try to fill the food gaps to make sure kids have something to eat at home.

There are some who still believe the “American dream” is still achievable.

Evan Kail aka “Pawn Man” is active on social media and has a YouTube show. Here’s the episode on Matchbox cars…

Who takes the bigger risk?

This was a VERY controversial film when it came out, the studio cut the budget in half & the director had to have a bodyguard during interviews…

Juggalos protested in Washington over their designation of being a “gang” by the government. Did you hear of rioting/burning when they did?

The book & movie, “Mazes & Monsters” was loosely based on a true story that helped fuel the “satanic panic” of the 1980’s…

GWAR is an amazing band with a fascinating history, check out the documentary on Shudder

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