Everything’s Fine

(Meme courtesy Anonymous)

Everything’s Fine

We’re not in a recession says the person that inflation is “transitory”… A comment on a YouTube video about the recent GDP numbers says it all – “They can redefine what “recession” means but that’s not going to lift people out of struggling economically any more than redefining hunger will stop people from physically starving….”

MCU Burnout” was evident at the recent SDCC & people called out the virtue signaling at one of the panels…

The “Restoring Artist Expression” Act (or RAP Act) is being introduced to prevent rapper’s lyrics from being introduced into court cases. Young Thug & Gunna are on trial for racketeering, their lyrics & social media are being used as evidence...

A lawmaker in the Phillipines has proposed a bill making “Ghosting” a criminal offense

Someone offered a Lambo in exchange for a flawless Lebron James triple Logoman card from Panini…

Spain has launched a “body positive” campaign declaring all women’s bodies are “beach bodies”

Sprite is trying to become more environmentally friendly by ditching their green bottles…

A Leonard Cohen tribute album is coming out in October featuring an array of different artists from Norah Jones to Iggy Pop…

Could Wade Wilson be Van Wilder???

Although not completely unusual (there are cycles of drought), it is crazy to see what was hiding on the bottom of Lake Mead

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