Good Gravy, Not Again!

(Meme Courtesy of Anonymous)

Good Gravy, Not Again!

I guess Adidas thought this was okay because Christians are hated in this country. I wonder what kind of backlash there would have been if it had been Jewish or Muslim references…

Who gives a shit? What about Robert Kraft & his girlfriend? There’s a 38-year difference between those two. Now if the rumors are true Dane met her at 17 but waited until she was 18 to start dating…

When are people going to learn that it’s much easier to ferret out plagiarism these days than before the internet? There’s no “maybe”, they took lines word-for-word from a poem by a prisoner

A sequel that probably didn’t need to get made, the title comes from a psychological or other mental disorder that affects 2 or more people. With Lady Gaga being added to the cast bets are that Harley Quinn will make an appearance…

The new powers-that-be at WB felt the finished Batgirl movie wasn’t up to snuff to be released to theaters and didn’t want such a hot IP relegated to streaming platforms. Interesting to learn Keaton will once again put on the cowl within the DCEU…

Here we go yet again. Amazon Studios is “reimagining” the 1989 film “Road House” with Jake Gyllenhaal taking Patrick Swayze’s place as Dalton. Conor McGregor has been added to the cast as an “original character” and not playing himself…

Mountain climbers in France will have to pony up a $15,000 deposit to summit Mont Blanc. This is to cover the cost of a rescue & funeral. The mountain is being accessed by so many inexperienced climbers that the mayor of Courmayeur felt the costs for rescues/funerals shouldn’t fall to French citizens.

I thought a comedian make a joke about this, getting stuck on It’s a Small World and having the song constantly play for hours. This happened recently

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