5 Messed Up Movies

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5 Messed Up Movies

5 movies that I thought were messed-up when I saw them:

“Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness”. I saw this movie at the local Family Video store, the embossed cover showing the title in dripping bloody lettering with a silver razor blade at the bottom caught my eye. Filmed in mid-80’s video format, Mike Strauber caught his wife in bed with his best friend. Taking off alone, Mike began to descend into madness with self-mutilation and later escapes from a mental institution to go on a murderous rampage. Tons of low-budget but super-squeamish special effects, the corkscrew scene still makes my stomach churn. When looking on iMDB, I saw that it spawned 4 sequels. Crazy…

Someone posted a copy of the movie online, be aware that it may make you sick…

“Video Violence”. Another one of those “eye-catching” video boxes that got my attention of a burned & bloody hand holding onto a VHS tape being inserted into an old-school VCR. The tagline reads, “When renting isn’t enough!!” and it’s another movie filmed using a 1980’s video camera. A couple from New York City move to a small town in upstate New York to run a video rental store. The townspeople treat them rudely as outsiders and only seem to rent violent/horror/porn videos. A mysterious tape shows up in the return bin that shows the violent execution of the town’s postmaster, who was said to have moved to Florida after retiring. One thing leads to another and the video store owner and his wife find out what happens to outsiders and those who try to move out of town. It spawned a sequel that featured 2 of the characters starting a 24 hour violence cable channel filled with cheesy commercials & television shows.

Someone posted the first movie online, again – this could make you squeamish…

“Faces of Death”. When I saw the first video, I was totally creeped out. There was a warning on the box stating that it shouldn’t be viewed by children, the elderly, or the squeamish. I thought that everything was real, including the monkey dinner scene. Years later I learned that in-between real archived film clips there were supposed “re-creations” of actual things that were reported as happening. It spawned 6 sequels, I had only viewed 3 of them (2,3,4).

Someone posted the first movie online, even YT has a disclaimer about its contents…

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974). This film has been rebooted several times, the latest being 2022 via Netflix. The original was so bizarre and crazy, just watching it gave you anxiety. Learning about the making of the film makes it that much worse knowing what the actors and film crew had to endure. It wasn’t very bloody, but more of the psychological aspect that got you.

Check out this behind-the-scenes documentary to give you a better understanding of the film and how it was made…

“Session 9”. I think my wife & I rented this movie because of David Caruso (she was a HUGE “CSI: Miami” fan at the time) and the plot sounded interesting. An asbestos abatement company wins the bid on decontamination of an abandoned mental asylum. Things start going awry as the group explore the grounds & poking through old files and such. The ending was really messed up, stuck with us for quite a while. It was shot at a real abandoned asylum and needed little as far as set dressing because much of the old equipment and files were still scattered around the building.

I could only find the trailer, not available anywhere as far as streaming or otherwise…

Well, those are 5 of the messed-up movies I could think of off the top of my head. I am sure there are more out there, be sure to share with us some of your favorite messed up movies!

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