Let’s Just, But Then…

(Photo Courtesy Anonymous)

Let’s Just…

Let’s take an iconic horror villain and reboot the story making the character female

Remember when Apple & Pepsi gave away a million iTunes downloads?

Let’s take over a franchise, use the same colors & mascot and give it a similar name…

Let’s disrespect, fight with, & cry for defunding of law enforcement. Oh, wait, no Mardi Gras because not enough law enforcement?

Let’s offer high-speed wi-fi so climbers can tweet out their ascent instead of unplugging and enjoying the wonders of nature…

Let’s not spend money to upgrade our ranch vehicles & cause an employee undue physical stress ending in his death. Oh, let’s give the family $7,500 in compensation

Let’s raise the price of our EVs so consumers can’t get the tax rebate

Most EVs won’t qualify for the rebate currently…

Let’s show the rival political party voters how to switch parties in order to gain primary votes…

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