A Dramedy in 23 Minutes

(Screencap from season one episode three)

A Dramedy in 23 Minutes

This week MattyV discusses the problem with the 23-minute drama show and how it really should be in the 45-minute format to truly flesh out the problem or drama. He points to several episodes of “Doogie Howser, M.D.” that seem to rush through the drama and wrap up the conflict in the last 5 minute of the show.

He was able to find the episodes on another site, the video is flipped but at least they are watchable.

A Stitch Called Wanda“. Episode 3 of the first season finds Doogie asking Wanda to be his girlfriend. She agrees and during a make out session at Mission Point her appendix bursts requiring immediate attention. He has to be her doctor and asks some very personal questions before having to give her a pelvic exam. There is conflict and the resolution comes in at the very end.

She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Cousin“. Episode 9 of the first season finds Doogie & Vinnie on a double date with Wanda and her cousin who just moved back to California from Florida. Unbeknownst to either boy, the cousin is overweight. She gets a little too chummy with Vinnie (he has an issue with girls & getting close) which she takes as rejection. Again, there is conflict and the resolution comes at the very end.

Tough Guys Don’t Teach“. Episode 17 of the first season finds Doogie teaching sex education in the local high school. He gets on the bad side of the captain of the football team and ends up in a fight. There is conflict yet again and it of course is wrapped up in the last few minutes of the episode.

Doing some quick research, “Party of Five”, “My So-Called Life”, & even “21 Jump Street” were all teen dramas that spanned 44 minutes to 47 minutes an episode. Could “Doogie Howser, M.D.” been more impactful and lasted another few seasons if the episodes were longer, possibly…

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