Be Kind, Rewind!

(Meme Courtesy Anonymous)

Be Kind, Rewind!

MattyV watched the movie, “Clerks III” over the weekend and in one scene Jay & Silent Bob return a copy of “Dental School” on VHS back to the video store. Randall & Dante calculate the late fees at $10,200 PLUS 50 cents for not rewinding the tape. Reminded him of a few customer-related things he has seen around the area lately:

  • Brand new Wendy’s location: sign on entrance & on drive-thru menu, “Please be patient, there are only 2 employees”
  • Arby’s Drive-Thru window in the same town had a “Treat employees kindly” flyer taped up in the window.
  • Medical facilities & doctor’s offices have flyers telling patients to be kind to medical employees & that abuse will not be tolerated.

While looking for a clip of the scene from “Clerks III”, I stumbled across the unaired pilot for “Clerks: The TV Show” which predates “Clerks: The animated Series”. Comedian Jim Breuer plays Randall

This article shares what a TikToker experienced as far as customer abuse

Reddit has a group about “retail hell“…

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