D*ck Move

(Twitter screenshot courtesy of @nature_boy_15)

D*ck Move

Administrators at a magnate school in Virginia have been withholding National Merit Award letters from their students until after college admissions & scholarship deadlines in the name of “equity”.

DC Comics has released a storyline where the Joker gets pregnant by Zatanna. Good grief…

Came across a Reddit thread of interest – AmItheAsshole?

55 years later, the stars of 1968’s “Romeo & Juliet” are suing the film company over child pornography since both actors were under the age of 18… Here’s the scene

Why get married if you don’t want to be monogamous

Literal d*ck move, an ex-deputy is facing a slew of sex charges including lacing cupcakes with his hand-made “baby batter” and serving them to school students. There’s apparently video of him making the “batter”…

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t get a face tattoo, here’s a couple from someone getting hers removed

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