Hurry Up & Wait

(Meme courtesy

Hurry Up & Wait

Just finished watching the movie, “Sick” on Peacock. The scene with the lady in the car is classic

Had no idea there were a bunch of movies relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve seen “Host” and heard about “Songbird“…

It’s nice to do collabs, but the scalpers are the ones who will profit. $400 price tag will balloon into the $1000s on the secondary market. Sneaker heads are probably pissed at WhistlinDiesel by wearing $35k shoes as work boots

Either you go all the way or you don’t apparently when it comes to “Pride Night”s…

Not your zoo, not your monkeys… The monkeys were recovered, thankfully…

Steph Curry is going all NIMBY over townhouses being built near his home…

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