Bow to Your AI Overlords

(Photo Courtesy

Bow to Your AI Overlords

AI is getting out of hand. A Twitch streamer found themselves depicted in a “Deepfake” AI-generated porn video.

ChatGPT can be forced to break its own rules against inciting violence or even tell racist jokes…

AI can pass medical and bar exams, nothing can go wrong – can it?

An AI “Seinfeld” show was suspended for 2 weeks from Twitch after making jokes about transgenders. Yes, an AI “Seinfeld” show…

Will they kill of Khan off in the revival of the series or find an Asian American actor to voice the character? He was originally

voiced by Toby Huss (who also voice’s Cotton Hill)…

The Super Mario Kart SNL skit is probably the funniest in recent years…

You can see Colin Jost squirm talking about a black Superman movie

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