What I Like

(Sketch found on the back of the 45rpm sleeve of Frank & Moon Zappa’s song “Valley Girl”)

What I Like

You’re dancing on the line when you decide to blindly read rap lyrics on the air

There probably will never be an event like “Hands Across America” again unfortunately…

Nor a song like “We Are the World“…

MattyV likes to collect vinyl that you can’t hear on a streaming service or reminds him of his earlier days. Collect what you like, that’s what matters most.

Rod Stewart’s “Love Touch” is a bit more memorable than the movie it was the theme song for…

Much like Dan Hartman’s “I Can Dream About You”

This song was one in a line of “shuffle” songs that became popular, even the 1985 Chicago Bears had one…

Debbie Gibson was MattyV’s first “secret” teen crush, one of his first cassingle purchases was one of hers…

Not sure why there would have been a 45rpm single for the instrumental theme song for this television show, but MattyV has it…

This was a big hit when the show first aired, and of course there was a 45rpm single for the full-length song

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