Sunday Cinema – “UFO Kidnapped!”

Since this month contains “Star Wars Day” (May the 4th), we thought that all month we would share some movies & television shows having to do with space & aliens!

By 1984, “You Can’t Do That On Television” had become a juggernaut of a show on the fledgling youth network Nickelodeon. What started out in Canada as a music/sketch comedy/call-in giveaway show grew into an American pre-teen/teen gross-out sketch show filled with green slime, boogers, & puke jokes as well as some “risque” sketches involving firing squads & a teacher named “Mr. Shitler” (not kidding).

At the height of its popularity with its current cast begging to age out of the show’s main demographic, the writers/producers of the show tried their hand at capturing the older teen/young adult demographic with a show about aliens. Filled with current/former cast members of YCDTOTV, the pilot “UFO Kidnapped” was born. The basic premise of the show was a group of humans (2 boys, an intellectual girl, & an old cat burglar) we kidnapped by aliens and are transported across galaxies into the unknown. The show didn’t garner the audience so Nickelodeon nixed its continued development.

Someone saved the pilot from obscurity on their VCR and posted the copy online

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