The End of an Era

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The End of an Era

MTV News is shutting down as Paramount slashes its workforce by 25%. MTV News was a HUGE deal for us Gen-Xers to get not only our music news but also our political and world news as well. We at Junkiosity remember first learning about the death of Kurt Cobain on MTV News

The recent coronation of King Charles III reminded us Gen-Xers of the end of a formal/regal royal era that died with Queen Elizabeth II last fall. She was a dignified lady who was well-respected around the world for many, many years.

Media types come and go and come back again, Vinyl has once again eclipsed CD sales for the first time since 1990, and now it seems as though cassette tapes are making a comeback as well…

Ever since the pandemic of 2020, our consumption of movies & television shows has changed. Movie studios had gone to streaming services to present their content as movie theater chains were shuttered or struggled to attract movie-goers to come back. 3 years later, studios are moving back to the “only in theaters” model with streaming of the content pushed back to 3-6 months after theater debuts. Theaters are still struggling but beginning to find footing with recent blockbuster movies that have been released.

Many know who Nigel Ng is on YouTube (“Uncle Roger”), a comedic caricature of an Asian. He has been banned from China’s social media networks due to his jokes about its culture & politics in his new special.

This could be a good thing, Ford is focusing on what it does best & lowering the number of parts required to build its vehicles in a way to cut costs and potentially eliminate recalls due to part failures. Not trying to be everything to everyone may be the way forward…

This is going backward, reminds me of the “green book” days of our country…

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