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Madden Me Crazy

Photo courtesy EA Sports

Madden Me Crazy

Season 11 of The Walking Dead will be the last of the original series with several spin-offs planned. We both felt that the series should have ended on a high note prior to this…

Hayley Orrantia from The Goldbergs gives a tour of the COVID-19 protocols that are in place for many television shows that have gotten the green-light to being filming

Alyssa Milano grew up before our eyes back in the 1980’s

She claims that COVID-19 caused her hair to fall out

Reboots are continuing, this one may be interesting. We will see if Leslie Jones will keep it clean (unlike Alec Baldwin’s take on Match Game)…

Madden 21 is coming out with the addition of Colin Kapernick (boo!), Dan the Man had a great idea to make available previous Madden rosters from years past compatible so parents can get nostalgic with their kids…

Here’s what the NFL is doing to “tackle” COVID-19

Television actor replacements the networks thought we wouldn’t notice

Justim Flom is popular on Instagram/TikTok for pranks, this is a good one with his girlfriend and a stapler

Sunday Cinema – “21 Jump Street”

School has started for kids around the country, some in-person while others are learning remotely from home. For this month we thought we would travel back to the halcyon days of cliques/friends/crushes/homework associated with school.

“21 Jump Street” helped to launch the career of Johnny Depp in the late 1980’s. A show about a group of young-looking undercover cops infiltrating local high schools, it spawned a reboot and 2 major motion pictures (the latter starring Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill).

The company who apparently owns the rights to the television show posted the first episode online. It is a two-parter, here is the second episode.

Sunday Cinema – “Square Pegs”

School has started for kids around the country, some in-person while others are learning remotely from home. For this month we thought we would travel back to the halcyon days of cliques/friends/crushes/homework associated with school.

“Square Pegs” was an attempt to create a teen dramedy utilizing contemporary music of the early-1980’s to cash in on the rising MTV generation. With the theme song by The Waitresses and starring Sarah-Jessica Parker, the show tells the tale of two “outcasts” hoping to become popular by any means necessary.

This episode entitled, “A Cafeteria Line” finds the high school’s most-popular couple on the outs because a school musical.

Someone posted a watchable copy online for you to check out…

Sunday Cinema – “Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue”

Michael steals his sister’s piggy bank to buy drugs. Cartoon characters literally jump out of the walls, books, & record albums to help Sally & Michael escape from drugs. Featuring all sorts of memorable franchises from Winnie the Pooh to the newly-released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this is the pinnacle of 80’s/90’s drug awareness propaganda…

Someone posted a poorly-digitized version of this special online…

Stand for Something

Stand for Something

Good for him, standing for his personal views/beliefs

2 big stars Instagrammed a kneeling photo captioned “Defiant”. Interesting that both Nike & Beats by Dre are made in slave labor factories, no speaking out about that???

Mike Ditka is still standing by his views on kneeling or protesting the American flag/national anthem…

It’s taken a worldwide pandemic to get corporations to re-think their holiday sales strategy

You can protest the wearing of masks, but this is just outrageous

We understand the sentiment, but there are stories across the country that people are deliberately staying unemployed to get the extra cash

For the most-part, if an employee can work from home then that should be an option for them…

The claim is “revitalizing & re-tooling” the show…

This makes total sense as far as renaming the Star Wars franchise films...

Sunday Cinema – “Stoned”

Jack (played by pre-“Charles in Charge” Scott Baio) is an ambitous high school student that tries marijuana for the first time and falls in with the wrong crowd. Will he realize what he’s doing before it’s too late?

Someone posted a poorly-digitized VHS recording online…

Sunday Cinema – “The Price”

“The Price”, a dingo drug pusher spreads “spin” around to addicts on planet New Texas. This episode is a creepy foreshadowing of the meth addiction in our country…

This is an official release from the animators, enjoy this quality episode!

Sunday Cinema – “A New Leaf”

Robbie brings home a happy plant that makes everyone high. His mother has to step in and stop the insanity that ensues.

Someone posted a poor copy online using one of those “trial use” conversion programs…

He’s Out

(Photo courtesy

He’s Out

He was in, now he’s out, then he was in again and now he’s out again

He spoke wild, now he’s out

He got out and helped

Why mess with the classics? Really?

Archie Comics is relaunching a previously short-lived series created by Stan Lee…

Bail them out and watch them dominate (again)

Really? Really? In space?

The Fourth

The Fourth

NFL to play “Black National Anthem” before every week 1 game, prior to the American National Anthem…

But the western world has no idea what’s been going on in North Korea for decades, can we really trust what he says?

UK travel quarantine has been lifted for many countries EXCEPT the United States…

Kapernik’s life story will be a Netflix exclusive…

Walmart is turning some of their store parking lots into drive-in movie theaters complete with carside refreshment delivery…

The Cleveland Indians are going through with it

The Washington Redskins are there (due to pressure from their corporate sponsors)…

Detroit Tigers partnering with PointsBet, a first in the MLB

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