Cool Crap Giveaway

We all like getting free stuff. We also don’t like working too hard for it, either. Lucky for you the gang at Junkiosity don’t like working too hard as well. That’s why we’re making it easy to win our Cool Box O’ Crap. The rules are simple – once we have a total of 50 followers on Twitter* (I know on the pods we have said 20, but hey we’re trying to build an audience here!) we will draw a name for the winner of our Cool Box O’ Crap. Here’s a teaser of what’s inside:


Yes, that’s a shirt. What’s that over there? A DVD? One winner will get all this and more! We will also pick some additional names who will receive something cool as well.

So, your mission is to get your friends to not only follow us on Twitter but give us a listen as well. Get out there and spread the word! Check out our pod on Podomatic, iTunes, or Google Play! Browse our blog and check out our podcast archive! Follow us on Facebook too!



*Twitter followers that will be counted towards the 50 must be active users and not shill/hijacked accounts redirecting people to mail-order bride, cam whore, or other unsavory sites.


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