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A Cute Interview

A Cute Interview Pod


This week after some technical difficulties (fried motherboard & Windows 7 issues), we initially were going to bag recording an episode but I just couldn’t resist. This is a special episode with a special guest host – my youngest son. We talk about all sorts of stuff in our short time together:


Logan LOVES to sing along with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, he may miss a lot of the lyrics but he is a riot to watch! He is pretty ecclectic in his song list:

“I Know What I Am” – Band of Skulls

“Cherry Bomb” – The Runaways

“We’re Not Gonna Take It” – Twisted Sister (his favorite, that’s my boy!)

“What Do I Get?” – The Buzzcocks

We talked about Dee Snider’s autobiography, “Shut Up and Give Me the Mic” which is a great read for those that are fans of Twisted Sister.

For those of you old enough, you might remember “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”. PBS has taken many of the characters from that show and created the series, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood“, which teaches kids about all sorts of things from sharing with others to going potty (“When you have to go potty, stop playing and go right away!”).

Sid the Science Kid” is another PBS staple that comes from the Jim Henson Company who helped PBS grow in popularity in the beginning with “Sesame Street“.

We ended the interview talking about Tae Kwon Do, a hobby that Logan just started a few weeks ago.


Be sure to tune in next week as Dan The Man & I discuss comics, “The Walking Dead”, & a Halloween documentary!