New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Dan’s enjoying his Marvel Unlimited subscription, access to 17,000+ comics in digital form from the early days to 6 months ago.

MattyV got himself a subscription as well, a 12 month premium subscription to Night Flight Plus. Night Flight was a 4-5 hour overnight program that aired on the USA network back in the 1980’s. This is the show that showcased music videos that MTV wouldn’t air, short films, documentaries, & really cheesy movies. The library is ever-expanding, so Matty has a lot of content to check out!

MattyV also got an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas, here’s a running list on Reddit of the “easter eggs” available. Just say one of these phrases to Alexa and see what happens!

Around 20min in, beware of “The Walking Dead” spoilers!

Here’s the roster of those celebrities that passed on in 2016, missing was William Christopher who played Father Mulcahy on “M*A*S*H”. Allegedly he is the last celebrity to die in 2016. The guys have their own list for 2017, who would be on your list?

Here’s that fake Denis Leary MasterCard ad from 2004, he shows up at the very end… Funny…

Lena Dunham recently said that she has never had an abortion, but wishes she had. Earlier in 2016 she revealed that she molested her younger sister.

Be careful when you see comedians live, oftentimes they aren’t g-rated like they are on television. Just listen to this NSFW clip from Eddie Murphy

Check out this clip from “Hamburger the Movie” that kind of explains what’s happening these days when it comes to “Affirmative Action”… (the entire movie is NSFW because of the gratuitous breasts, butts, & crude humor!)

The Chicago Bears helmet sticker hit, the LT/Theisman hit that ended Theisman’s NFL career. Women can do many things, not sure if they can physically step up to the plate sometimes. Not being gender-biased, but men & women are physically different and can do things the other cannot. We’re all for equality, there just needs to be reason & balance involved in it…

MattyV found this poem years ago, apparently is found on an anonymous monk’s grave marker from around 1100AD…

Want to find a new job or start a business? MattyV recommends checking out Dan Miller’s website. He has a lot of free content and his books are very good reads…

Maybe you have monetary goals, the boys recommend checking out Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, & Clark Howard.

Health goals are important as well, MyFitnessPal is a great free tool for food & exercise logging. Need to know how many calories in a Baconator?

Learn a new skill, read books, try to make 2017 a better year for you!


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Until next week Junkies

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