Beef Bus

(Meme courtesy AlphaOmegaSin via 9GAG)

Beef Bus

When he says the phrase, “Beef Bus“, and I lost it…

The Commanders aren’t moving to Virginia after all, lawmakers pulled the bill from consideration. They aren’t saying why it was pulled, but it is suspected to have been because of a comment made by Jack Del Rio about January 6th…

Better start hoarding sriracha, Huy Fong Foods is pausing production due to a chili pepper shortage. The pandemic is even affecting hot sauces…

We think “shrinkflation” will be the new Oxford Dictionary word for 2022 if it isn’t in there already. Many products are reducing size while keeping pricing the same

Ms. Marvel is being review-bombed, garnering the lowest ratings for an MCU television series. The author of the article is pinning the review bombs on the fact that the Ms. Marvel in the series is now a Pakistani Muslim girl…

Woman received $5.2mil from Geico because she received an STD while having unprotected sex in her boyfriend’s vehicle. She claims since he did not tell her he had an STD and it happened in his vehicle; his car insurance should be responsible…

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