What Up, Wiez

(MattyV & Son with Pauly Shore & Mike Young)

What Up, Wiez

MattyV took his oldest son to go see the one and only Pauly Shore at a local movie theater-turned-concert venue. Wasn’t too impressed unfortunately as you heard on the pod. Bobcat did a few jokes here & there but really shined with telling stories about his work in movies, traveling on the road, & interacting with celebrities. Pauly told a few stories, but most of the time was spent on dick/sex/homo/weed jokes (many of which fell flat). His opener, Mike Young, had a few funny jokes/bits but spent most of the time basically throwing “joke grenades” to see where/if they landed (most-often they didn’t). I would have thought there was a more-polished routine for both comedians, jokes that land no matter what part of the country they are in with a few region-specific jokes sprinkled in. A little disappointed but at least we got a free picture out of the deal.

Here’s one of his jokes that kind of fell flat out here…

Mike Young’s Twitter account he was touting constantly…

One of Pauly’s first taped comedy specials…

The first MTV appearance of Pauly Shore…

Pauly & Sam Kinison

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